BizTalk Server 2013 Developer Immersion

Course Number: BT13DI

Length: 5 days

Certification: Included

Price: $3,175.00

Course Overview

This course is intended for:

Developers - learn to build & deploy BizTalk integration & business process applications

Solutions Architects - learn to design & plan BizTalk enterprise solutions.

Systems Evaluators – gain a comprehensive understanding of BizTalk Server capabilities & toolsets.

No prior BizTalk Server experience required.

At course completion, students will be able to:

Deploy & manage a BizTalk application

Automate deployment using MSIs & scripts

Create & configure XML & flat-file Schemas

Process EDIFACT/X12/HIPAA message types

Transform messages using maps

Manipulate data using Functoids

Enable message routing & processing using receive & send ports

Monitor message processing

Create & configure pipelines to process XML, flat-file, & EDI data

Create orchestrations to automate critical business processes

Implement orchestration patterns such as correlation & direct-bound ports

Integrate with ASMX, WCF, PHP, JAVA, and REST services

Implement a variety of protocol & LOB adapters

Integrate with trading partners & applications using EDI

Develop Business Rules Engine (BRE) policies

Enable Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

Run BizTalk Server applications in the Windows Azure cloud