Java Boot Camp

Course Number: JBC

Length: 5 days

Certification: Included

Price: $2,225.00

Course Overview

You will gain intensive experience designing, writing and running Java applications through highly-focused, hands-on exercises in the course of AcademyX's Java training in Sacramento. Your boot camp instructor has in-depth experience developing Java applications for multiple platforms and devices, in order to provide you with the context you need in order to apply your knowledge immediately upon completing the course.

As a result, you will develop proficiency writing robust Java applications and using Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) technologies to create programs which interact seamlessly with SQL databases.

At the completion of this Java training, you will be able to:

Choose and install the appropriate Software Development Kit for your Java Platform configuration.

Gain experience writing, compiling, testing, debugging and running applications, using the key Java platform components.

Write more efficient code with a thorough understanding of object-oriented programming and Java syntax.

Rapidly create user interfaces and navigation controls which blend in with other software applications on the operating system using Swing.

Debug Swing applications quickly and with minimal hassle.

Follow a few simple rules to simplify program maintenance and enhance developer collaboration.

Implement access specifiers and qualifiers to protect Java classes and methods from modification and reduce overall system complexity.

Harness Eclipse IDE's vast plug-in library to extend Java's functionality and accelerate software development.

Integrate code from other languages, including C, Python, Perl, PHP and Ruby on Rails, using Eclipse plug-ins.

Create classes and methods quickly with Java's use of the inheritance concept.

Streamline the time-consuming process of creating Java classes by using the concept of inheritance.

Access virtually any type of database with Java's Database Connectivity (JDBC) interface.